React Native


I began my React journey in 2016 with a course from Stephen Grider on Udemy.

Originally created at Facebook(now Meta), React Native is a cross platform solution for building once & running everywhere.


Like Stephen I also once taught React Native. Specifically I taught it at Facebook's Developer Circle Program.

Through the program I was able to teach what I knew to a younger generation.

It was an incredible experience.

I was given the opportunity by CoderSchool.

Although there were many lessons here are a few of my favorites.



A Currency Converter. The purpose of this lesson was to teach the fundamentals of components, props & JSX.


Next was a popular game called Rock, Paper, Scissors =). This lesson introduced state to students.


And lastly a Google News clone. The purpose of this project was to reinforce the previous lesson's concepts as well as introduce async/await to students.

Take Away's

To an experienced dev those concepts are so basic. But to a new student they're definitely something that takes practice and a few good lessons/projects to grasp.